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Welcome to Tea Time With Mikey

My name is Michael and this website is my way to speak freely and transparently, about my life and the world around us.

The types of content you will find are blogs about;

  • My Life
  • My Opinions
  • Interviews
  • Press Events

My blog started back in 2016 under the name A Wild Mikey Appeared. You can find my first ever blog post here.

General topics I cover frequently include;

  • Mental health
  • Yoga
  • My childhood
  • Music

One of my most personal blogs, The Prophet & The Fox, can be found here.

To contact me for any enquiries, please go to my Contact Me page.

I hope you all enjoy my content and thank you for the continued support over the years. It truly means the world to me!

Sincerely yours,

Michael x