Welcome To My Kingdom: A Few Notes

Tonight I saw Grace Davies perform live for the first time. After seeing Grace hype it up all week on Twitter, I couldn’t help but buy a ticket. I spent the whole day excited, ready for her sold out show and at 8pm, it started. She greeted everyone with a fantastic cover of Hello by Adele whilst sporting the infamous pink “Rick Dress“.

What followed was the second song in a night almost full of covers that, dare I say were better than the originals, Life On Mars by David Bowie. Fans might know this cover from her YouTube channel, and I for one think it is brilliant. The next song was a personal cover. With her Mum watching at home, Grace performed What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, which she said it was her Grandparents first dance song.

Grace then did the unthinkable, covering The Beatles and their song All You Need Is Love. This was yet another song, that ended with me preferring her version to the original. After that was another Adele song, Hometown Glory. Grace mentioned Adele is one of her favourite artists, which leaves me wondering how a duet would sound? Book it Rick!

On to an original, one many Twitter followers have been making puns out of… Hooked. Another song you can find on her YouTube channel and on her My Kingdom EP, Hooked has a great tune to it matched with fantastic vocals. Every time I listen to that song, it puts me in a great mood. Hearing it Live only put me in a greater mood, and we even saw a cameo from Slash! Not the real Slash, but again… Book it Rick!

Back to another cover, a big belter from Big Gracie D with Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Not very often am I left with a gormless look after listening to a song, but it was mind-bogglingly good. Grace also said this song was for her friend Holly, who was also watching at home.

Then came what the other viewers dubbed “Coverception“. Grace covered the cover of Half The World Away by Oasis, singing the Aurora version from the John Lewis advert. I personally don’t know the song, but it’s certainly one I won’t forget after tonight. Unfortunately after running around 30 minutes over, Grace performed her last song of the night. Another song from her My Kingdom EP, Ghosts. This may’ve been my favourite one of the night. With her friend Holly singing away in the comments, her family watching at home, and the use of Janet’s dinger bell, Grace poured her heart into what is an utterly brilliant song. My stream cut out at the end, as I think I was a few seconds behind, but nevertheless a great end to a great show.

In closing I will say that it was one hell of a first Stageit for Grace. There is a chance some of my words got jumbled in typing, but I just had to put it out there and let everyone know how good she is. It was a wonderful night full of “Dododo’s”, bubbles, the “dinger bell”, that amazing northern accent, and of course the Rick Dress.

As a fan, I am very excited for Grace’s future. She is already so talented at a young age, and much like a fine wine, I feel she is only going to get better with age. (That wasn’t a creepy line at all was it?)



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