A Thank You… Sort Of

An impromptu post that will no doubt break 140 characters.

Facebook has always been where I keep in touch with certain people. Most of my friends are on there and family is too. But I can’t always post freely without being judged or being told I’m “spamming their feed”.

Twitter has always been a safe haven. It was my first social media site, back in 2011 when I wasn’t really supposed to have it. Then I made a new one because of Janet Devlin. I wanted to tweet all these things about her to other fans. I fell in love with the design, the ability to speak however I want to whoever I want (in 140 characters or less).

Unfortunately there was a time nobody really speaks of. The Janet fans fell out, I lost a lot of good friends. Then my ex made me delete my account. It was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to go back, and last year I did. I now rant almost every day about pointless shite, I have had conversations with bands, musicians, and made some pretty great friends. These are people that have never met me and are more my friend than some people I have met in person.

So despite this going over the initial “few words”, I just wanted to say thank you. Whether you all realise it or not, you are helping me mentally. I can empty my mind, forget everything else and have some pretty great conversations. There are a handful of people, who know who they are and have spoken to me today, that I very much look forward to talking with.