Grace Davies: Her Kingdom

Hello readers. Those who have followed my work will know I am both fan and friend with The X Factor’s hottest new star, Grace Davies. A few times now I have written about Grace, from our interview to reviews of her live shows. This one is a bit different, this one is about her run on The X Factor… So far.


Let me first start by going over something that some news outlets seem to have gotten wrong in the past. Grace Davies is an independent artist who has never signed a contract. She is signed to a management company and yes she shares a house with Janet Devlin, but that is irrelevant. As a budding journalist myself I can appreciate the efforts to make gripping controversial headlines (although most of mine suck), but to do so with blatant lies and slanderous comments is wrong.

Now onto the rest of the article. Earlier this year Grace seemed to be acting rather cautious, leaving some of us in the dark on what was going on. All we knew was that big things were coming. I even once asked her myself about new music, to which she replied that new music would be coming soon. What nobody expected was to see Grace advertised for The X Factor, a well known talent show for upcoming musicians. Whilst the show has declined slightly in popularity over the years, there are still millions worldwide who watch. Some might say it is the place to be, if you want to make it. Of course this was huge news, our Gracie was going to be on TV! I messaged her the second I saw, expressing my disbelief. She responded referencing the comment from earlier in the year, stating that she told me new music would be coming but she didn’t say how.

I would like to take a minute to slow clap Miss Grace Davies. Well done you brilliantly clever sod, you pulled a fast one on me.

So the time came for Grace’s audition on the telly. I sat down with my family, all eagerly waiting for her arrival. We sat through what was a pretty good show, then came the moment of truth. That thick northern accent and that big grin. She proceeded to give her backstory of how she didn’t feel good enough because people would put her down, something I don’t think we’d ever talked about but I figured was the case. She introduced herself to the judges, went over her story again and began singing her own song “Roots“.


If I can be unprofessional for a minute… Fuck me was that good. Had me teary eyed all the way through. Words cannot express how proud I am of  that girl for the performance she gave, it was unbelievably good. Within moments of it airing on TV, “Grace” was trending on Twitter. Also rather notably after the performance, Sharon and Nicole were crying, Louie was clearly emotional and Simon actually stumbled on his words. Mr. Nasty himself, the creator of the whole bloody show, didn’t know what to say. Over the weekend the video (which I shall post at the bottom of the article) racked up I believe 2 Million views, and if memory serves it was briefly the number 1 trending video on YouTube.

The internet went into meltdown. People wouldn’t stop talking about her. Her song was uploaded to YouTube many times by fans, with lyrics and clear audio. There were and still are people in the comments, complaining about wanting the song to be released and considering illegally downloading it from YouTube. Just bear in mind too, this was after ONE song.

The next time we saw Grace was for the group part of Boot Camp. Now I’m not a big fan of The X Factor, the last time I properly watched was in 2011 for Janet Devlin. 6 years later and I’m only watching this time for Grace Davies. I wasn’t fully aware of the format for this performance, so confused I asked a friend why she was now in a group. He explained that it’s just the way they do it, she isn’t actually in a group. The song choice seemed a little odd to me, but it was still enjoyable. At times I thought Grace looked a little uncomfortable, but she later reassured me that she actually enjoyed it, she had fun. No disrespect to any of the guys she sang with, but it was yet again clear who was the better singer. Of course she, along with the guys, got through to the next stage of Boot Camp.


Fast forward to the next show, Grace is all alone on stage with a piano beside her. Finally I thought, they’re letting her off the reins. This is where I knew she would shine.

I was right. Again bringing the judges to tears, Grace sang her own song “Don’t Go“. She wrote the song about her quote “one and only relationship”, which I am assuming did not go well at all. Jokes on that guy though, look at her now! It really was a great song though, reminded me of my favourite track from her EP of the same name, My Kingdom. Arguably as good as her initial audition, I can’t wait for this one to be released either.

I’d also like to point out that the latter two performances and the one I am about to mention, were performed in front of 4,000 people? For someone who has performed in pubs and clubs, at weddings and online to a couple of hundred maybe on StageIt, that’s a big step. Yet she gave a flawless performance every time, making everybody cry.

do it better

The last song I’m going to write about is “Do It Better“, her most recent song. Another of her own songs, and an absolute banger at that. Apparently the sequel to her last song “Don’t Go”, this song was also in reference to her past relationship. Singing as part of the Six Chair Challenge, in order to secure her spot on the show going forward, Grace tore the roof off the place and in spectacular fashion, wearing her fantastic pink coat. The other girls looked rather nervous, one in particular was Holly Tandy, someone who is also a great singer. Grace earned her spot and we are guaranteed to be seeing more of her.

So here we are guys, we’re near the end. Again I would like to express how proud I am of Grace, she has done so well in such a short amount of time and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I imagine Clan Davies is also proud of her too and rightfully so. The odds on favourite to win has already appeared on Lorraine to discuss topics and spread her message of self-image positivity. We can sit and argue all day about The X Factor and how it may or may not be fixed, but one thing is for sure. Whether she goes far in the show or not, she is guaranteed to have one hell of a career going forward.

Also a note to the guy who is no longer a part of her life; It’s because you didn’t give her a pink cat in a cheeseburger costume and a Koppaberg, whilst telling her Aquarius’ are awesome.

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