Hello readers, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Mikey here with another post. This one I’ve been planning a while and won’t be too long I hope. You may also have to bear with me; If the quality comes out odd or there are any grammatical errors, it’s because I’m typing this on my phone. Figured I’d try something different, a new way to blog when I can’t access my laptop.

So for a while I’ve been feeling rather crap. It’s hard running this blog, being a writer, having a life alongside it. I often feel like it is all going nowhere.

I have been writing since I was a kid. Writing short stories, poetry, songs, novels, comics, reviews, Facebook pages and even past blogs. None of them have ever gone anywhere, yet I still continue to try. It’s my passion and I love it. When I write I feel a sense off freedom, a sense of belonging. Despite what depression may make me think, I know deep down that I am good at this, that I am meant to continue.

Lately there have been things on my mind though. I’m unable to pump out content as fast as I’d like, Froggy Media is crumbling (if not already dead), I’m not reaching a huge audience and the biggest one; I’m losing the trust of some of my friends.

See I’ve wanted to be a Journalist for years; one that covers anything from wrestling, to music, to film, to life. I’m lucky to have some friends or acquaintances that are in certain industry’s. Because of this I’ve noticed a lack of conversation the past year. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I do worry that because I write about people they maybe don’t want to share things with me, in case I write about it.

I pride myself on being a good friend and being a good Journalist. I like to be completely honest, unlike most media these days. That has been my goal since I was about 15-16, to be the first genuine controversy free Journalist. Firstly though, I aim to be a good friend. If I’m writing about you, I’ll only share with permission. Trust is key and I aim to build a reputation based on that.

As for the rest of my worries, I’m sure they’ll pass in time. I just wonder every so often if I should stop, if I should give up. Despite these thoughts, I continue.

So I ask of you, please be patient with me. I am battling these thoughts and trying my best. Whether you know me personally or not, whether you are in a particular industry or not, I also ask that you trust in me. I will do no wrong, only what is right. That is my vow to you all as an aspiring Journalist.