A Year In My Life: 2017

Hello readers, Michael here with my first post of 2018. Today I will be looking back on a year in my life, the year 2017. It was an odd year wasn’t it? Celebrity deaths, public attacks, nuclear war threats, everything Trump said, Brexit and so on.

Despite it being a terrible year for the world as a whole, a lot of us had great years individually. For me personally, it was a mixed range. Some elements were good, some were bad, some were neither. I definitely feel like it was one of my best years in regards to growth

I became more myself than I have ever been. I made new friends, went new places, set new challenges for myself. I’m very proud of the person I became throughout the year. There were many learning curves and I feel prepared for what is to come this year.

Let’s go back to the start of last year and cover the main moments. Not excited, not prepared, same boring life. I was unemployed, living at home with my mum, feeling sort of trapped. Not because I didn’t like my mum or sister (I love them), but because I couldn’t grow. I needed to get out. That wouldn’t happen for months yet though.

Flash forward to my birthday in April, I turned 21. Nothing special, didn’t feel important. Then again I’d spent the whole year suffering (without knowing) with depression, so I guess I ruined it for myself.

Later that year I had been convinced to go to the doctor’s about depression. I was sent to counselling via Mind (I have written about that experience in a previous post), and then later put on a small dose of medication. Best thing I’d done in years, followed by the worst thing I’d done in years which was stopping my course of meds.

I celebrated 2 years with my girlfriend Becki in July. Not a first for me however it certainly meant a great deal more. Man I love that girl. In August we travelled to America, exploring Washington DC, New York, Boston and Rhode Island.

My nephew had his first birthday, something positive to celebrate at least.

I left home finally to live with a good friend. That experience turned out to be, for lack of a better term, abysmal. I’m still in contact with that friend and I know no ill will was aimed towards me, however it doesn’t change the fact I hated it. A learning curve though I guess.

My Great Uncle passed away and I attended his funeral with my mum, Grandma, Grandad and Auntie. First funeral I’ve been too but it was nice to pay respects to a great man, who we all hold a special place in our hearts for.

Then to moving in with my sister, her boyfriend and nephew. Again not an amazing experience so far but there’s a roof over my head, plus I’m close with my nephew now.

My Uncle and new Auntie visited us from America and announced we will be getting a new cousin next year! About time my Uncle had a kid to be honest.

I finally achieved my goal of getting a job. I actually start tomorrow as an apprentice Digital Marketer. Here’s hoping it goes well!

Lastly there was Christmas. Oh how I loved Christmas. Admittedly wasn’t as excited but ended up being a whole bundle of fun.

So some good and bad things throughout the year. Now onto mentioning the big moments with my friends, people who are more family than anything.

We start with myself feeling again rather depressed early in 2017, worrying about uncontrollable issues. Friend and favourite musician Janet Devlin sat online with me, taking a few hours of her evening to talk to me and fix my problems. She maybe forgot that, but I never will.

Next onto X Factor sensation and once friend Grace Davies. I say once friend, I think we were just friendly for a while and then I was a fan a few months later.

Genuinely nice person despite what the media says and had some good conversations. I do believe she is too busy these days, but again I won’t forget.

Then we have my photographer friend Scott, whom I met through the latter two. Weird, horny and good at flippy shit, I kinda love my aged bald friend.

Following from all that I became friends with Vicky. Through mutual interests and listening to each others woes, we fast became best friends. Fast forward a year and I couldn’t imagine not having her around. Genuinely the kindest and my favourite person in the world. I have to say nice things about her, as she’s one of few who will actually read this.

Then there’s Meggan with two G’s. The meme engine, the computer wizz, the one who doesn’t take any of my shit. My go to friend for a long time now, whenever I needed someone, she was there. Whether it was getting upset because I wanted to die or stressed because I was in a house full of ammonia and poo, she was always ready with biscuits, tea and YouTube.

Lastly there was Chris. What a twat. Glad I got to meet him though.

There are many more but I won’t go into it fully as I’ll be here all day. Some friends I didn’t see as much last year so didn’t have as big of an impact as some, but the ones above really did have an impact on my life. I love them all dearly and hope this year is filled with just as many memories.

Upon reflection I would like to reiterate my earlier point. 2017 was my best year in regards to growth. I truly became a man I think and I certainly feel like a better version of me. I’m far from the finished product but I am the final prototype.

Thank you to everyone who made last year special. To everyone who made me feel terrible, I do forgive you. Here’s your chance to make things better.

Post by Michael Sallabank

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