Work Life

The concept of me having a job is completely mad, yet somehow I managed it.

I have been rather busy the past 3 months, and not many articles have been pumped out, so I apologise. Work is keeping me busy all the time and after that, I like to see friends and family.

You’re all human, you understand.

I love my job though, it really is something I look forward too in a morning. It gives me purpose, makes me feel motivated. I feel important, like I’m a somebody.

It’s affecting my personal life too. Granted I’m often very tired, but I’ve become more confident, more open and just generally, in a better mood!

It makes the times I spend with my girlfriend and friends more special, as I only get to see them at certain times – Something else that motivates me.

It’s also a great way to help me put my desired future in place, something I shall not discuss but I am very excited for.

I’m always busy, learning new things, forming relationships with colleagues. Work life is good for my brain and I wish I’d found a job sooner.

So I may be busy, but know I am happy. Also know that more is hopefully coming over the next few months, to feed your thirst for my content.

Post by Michael Sallabank