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Do We Really Need a Women’s PPV?

Enjoy the click-bait title? The answer is yes, we do.

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Women’s wrestling is on fire right now, not just in WWE, but the entire wrestling world. The problem is that WWE seems to always be 10 steps behind everyone else. Their women have only recently been given huge chances, as opposed to the Indies and TNA, who have been doing that for years.

The women of WWE need to keep their buzz, go with the momentum – If they don’t, this entire revolution will fade into obscurity. That’s where an WWE Evolution (great PPV name I must say), will help the cause. No longer will we see 2-3 women’s matches, and 15 men’s matches; we will see an entire card of 50 phenomenally talented female athletes, showcasing what they have to offer in the ring.

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I’ve seen a few people saying it’s feminism gone mad, that it’s discriminating against men etc… Well poo on you I say, you are so very wrong. I saw a great tweet about this stance, retaliating with an all-mens PPV meme, referencing the Greatest Royal Rumble (a Saudi Arabian WWE PPV that feature zero women).

Also, I’ve seen people saying it won’t draw many fans. I’m pretty sure at this stage, most of the women’s locker rooms in WWE could sell out Wrestlemania as the main event, so don’t give me that crap.

If you aren’t fond of the idea, don’t watch it or don’t go. We don’t want to see complaints on Twitter, or hear boos in the crowd, because that’s what ruins the show. Let us enjoy the past, present and future of the women’s division!

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So what am I hoping to get out of this PPV? Well for one I’d like to see my favourite on the roster, Nia Jax, getting a good long match – although that’s the fanboy in me being a tad bias.

I’d like to see an array on PC/NXT talents showcased on a large stage. We’ve already been informed of potential legend returns, thanks to Stephanie McMahon saying “Then, Now, Forever”. If I could hand pick some legends, I’d love to see Molly Holly, Ivory and Victoria. Possibly Gail Kim, although if memory serves, she doesn’t want to return.

Hopefully some gimmick matches. I don’t want it to be full of singles/tag matches with no stipulations. Although, if we could avoid battle royals, dance offs, costume contests, bra and panties matches, and James Ellsworth, that’d be great.

I’d also like to see the Mae Young Classic final as the main event, I think that’d be really special.

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All in all, I’m very excited. I’m going into it hoping for a fantastic women’s PPV, nothing more, nothing less, so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

A part of me wants an entire women’s brand, with the announcement of a tag division, and Vickie Guerrero as General Manager, that would make my year.

I’m proud to be a fan of women’s wrestling in WWE. I respect them all so much, and they are some of my favourite performers to watch. They are such a diverse, beautiful and talented bunch of athletes who deserve everything coming their way.

Ladies, you earned this.

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What matches or surprises are you hoping to see?
What’s your take on WWE Evolution?
Will we see a new brand formed?