I love my hair. It looks great and suits me far better than short hair.

A Wild Mikey Appeared

I started growing my hair back in 2011, and thus far I’ve had some strange looks. I had the bucket mop looking like a lazy Beatle, I had the not quite a mullet, which was unfortunately followed by the “my hair always has to be wet” phase.

Silly Mop Hair

Bad Mullet

After this I left it for a while, before falling in love with WWE Superstar, Seth Rollins’s hair. Three quarters black, one quarter blonde. I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, so immediately dyed my hair. This went wrong a good couple of times, before landing on the perfect balance.

The Blonde - Take 1

The Blonde - Take 2

Sadly this didn’t last long, as my hair on the blonde side started to fall out. It took months, but I let it grow back fully. I seemingly remember eventually dying it all black, to keep it all one colour and to be “more suitable for work”.

The Short Hair

Since then my beautiful long hair has flourished, and I’m so proud to have it rooted to my slightly large head. Unfortunately nobody can have nice things because people suck, and they like to ruin things for others.

Over the years I’ve had abuse hurled at me for the way my hair is.

“You look like a girl.”
“Roar, mosher!”
“”Get a haircut.”
“Are you a gay?”
“Your hair is weird!”
“Get a normal haircut!”
“You’d look better with shorter hair.”
“You’re receding!” (I’m not, my hairline has always been like that)

The list could go on, but you get the idea.

My question to those who say such things is; do you know why my hair is how it is? Would you really like to know why I don’t get a haircut or “look like a girl”.

All my heroes had long hair as a kid, and I wanted to be just like them. I never got the opportunity though, as one of my parents was a bully and forced me to either have short hair or be bald, even when I would cry and ask for it to not be short again.

In 2011 this parent left for good, and I was free to experiment. I am very attached to my hair (quite literally), it is what makes me who I am.

So go ahead and say these things, shame me for creating a way of expressing who I am. This makes me, me and I am comfortable this way. Nothing you will ever say, can change my mind. If I ever get a haircut or dye my hair, it’ll be because I want to, and that reason alone.

What helps you express your inner self, person reading this? It could be a part of your body, an item, a person, anything. Let me know in the comments, or tweet me your response, and remember; don’t ever be ashamed of yourselves. You’re all great just being you.

2018 Work Life Mikey

Post by Michael Sallabank