Mental Health and Yoga

Hello readers, an impromptu, rather short post here.

If you haven’t guessed by the title, I’ve been doing a little bit of Yoga lately. Now I’ve only had 2 sessions, but I’ve had lots of fun and I want to continue doing it. I don’t know all the proper terminology, but the stretches and positions I’ve done have helped me mentally and physically already. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from this in the long run.

My reason for taking part in this, is to silence the overwhelming troubles I have with my mental health. I’ve fluctuated a bit the past few months, but lately it’s not been very nice. I’m trying my hardest to address things, as opposed to bottling things up, but it’s slow progress.

Tonight we did some Yoga, and I hoped to clear my mind from this week’s struggles. Despite the intention being for everyone to feel happy and stress free, all I felt was an overwhelming sadness. Pure, raw pain. I’d unlocked everything I’d hidden away for a long time. It was hard not to cry.

At some point, I may do a “tell-all” post series, where I speak up about certain things, get it out there and off my chest. But for now I’m going to work on fixing my brain (again).

That’s all for now – I’ll possibly write updates on my Yoga progress, and I’ll definitely talk more about my mental health soon. If you can relate, just know you’re not alone and I love you all.

Post by Michael Sallabank

2 thoughts on “Mental Health and Yoga”

  1. The effects of yoga on the mind are amazing. Stress is probably the cause of 90% of all diseases and yoga is one of the greatest combatants of stress. Research showed that even 12 mins of yoga daily makes people happier and more positive.
    I turned to yoga for stress reasons and it improved my life infinity, so much so that I have recently started teaching yoga.
    I also recommend daily meditation. Start small and build up.
    Good luck and enjoy the yoga. Great post.

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    1. I’m definitely going to be utilising it more, I need a happy brain! I’ve tried meditating but never had the right environment – I will try again soon though. Thank you for the kind words 😊

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