Mental Health and Yoga: Follow Up

Why hello again, I’m actually writing an article! I do apologise for the lack of content lately, the winter period is always incredibly busy – especially where I work. Not in terms of customers, but the behind the scenes jobs. It’s my first year there, so I didn’t expect it to be quite like this (although I’m sure I’ll miss it when January comes around).

This ties in nicely though to this post. Cast your minds back, to when I wrote about Mental Health and Yoga. I had just started my now weekly hobby, and 2 weeks in claimed I felt all these things.

What I have a habit of doing is either over explaining or under explaining. For some quick context, what I meant was that usually, I’m quite down and unsure of how to feel. I struggle to relax, and my head is like a minefield. How I felt after those 2 weeks, was down to being overwhelmed with peace and serenity. I’d never been able to relax, yet had found a way to do so.

So here I am, I’ve now been going so long that I can’t remember when I started. As I go, I’m getting more flexible and according to some, I’m losing weight.

At first I felt that sense of being overwhelmed. The weeks that followed were different, as I didn’t quite feel the same. Circumstances around my personal life had led me to feel pretty shit (shock horror, I swore on the blog!) and I wasn’t in a great place. At the end of September, we lost our dear friend to suicide, with no warning. That hit very hard and it left us all struggling, unsure of what to do. In all honesty we felt broken.

I pushed myself to carry on at Yoga, promising myself that it’d help. It’s still going to take time, but it is helping. A friend of mine can read and describe aura’s, and had asked me to focus on what aura I see, when relaxing. The constant for me was green – detachment. I was lost, and not myself. I had no idea who I am, or what I was supposed to be.

The more I went to Yoga, the better I started to feel. Though refusing to accept the prior events, I became more myself. I realised that life is too short and that my purpose is to bring happiness to others. Not in some kind of religious nut way, or weird creepy “do what I do, it’s good for the soul” cult way, but by being a genuinely nice person to others.

The colour of my aura started to change. I saw various colours, before eventually landing on white. Peace and harmony is apparently the cause of this. Occasionally too, I see purple – symbolising the psychic third eye. Being one with my spiritual bad self.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my friend. However, I’m making progress. Not just with this, but with my mental health as a whole, which has been crap for too long now.

I’m determined to make my life mean something, determined to feel happy again, and determined to enjoy life whilst I still have it – because we don’t have it forever. Yoga is something that is helping, something I look forward to every Thursday.

It’s the place I get to see friendly faces, relax and not feel judged, connecting my body to the world around me. It makes me feel good, and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone. Bear in mind it’s not for everyone, but worth trying once.

So there you go people, an update to my journey with Yoga. What do you think about Yoga? Would you try it? I think you should!

Below I am going to leave a link listing all the main mental health websites around the world, as well as a link with all the international suicide prevention hotlines.

Remember if you aren’t sure where to go or who to talk to, you can call 999, 911 or your equivalent.

Mental Health Websites:
Suicide Hotlines Worldwide:

Post by Michael Sallabank