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The “We Don’t Need New Pokémon” Debate

So I had this one planned for a good few weeks, and now with the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield – What better time to do it!

The main culprits of the complaints are those who only like Gen 1, or at the most, Gen’s 1-3. Their arguments usually consist of such things as;

  • They can’t come up with anything good anymore.
  • They’re copying Digimon.
  • The designs these days aren’t very good.
  • There’s too many Pokémon.
  • And my personal favourite… It’s just a set of keys (in reference to Klefki).

Why then, do people argue and complain? Well as said in a brilliant satire article by The Hard Times, people miss their childhood and can’t accept that the world around them is changing.

Let’s look at some facts here to counteract this argument;

  • Quite a lot of the designs were reused beta sprites that never made it.
  • They’re not copying Digimon, there are similarities, but that’s about it.
  • You want to argue about what a good design is? Gen 1 had a pile of muck, some dogs, some cats, a few lizards and a few birds. They’re as basic as you can get.
  • Klefki isn’t a pair of keys. Klefki is the keyring, that collects it’s masters keys and lives by their side for protection. It’s really bloody cute.

The other argument in saving for its own section, as it does annoy me.


Right, okay. You want to travel the world, have a big adventure, but you want the same 150 Pokémon yes?

You’d go on holiday to say, Hawaii and get arse on because the animals are exotic and you just want to look at some sparrows and a dog?

You’d go to a zoo and wonder why you can’t just look at some cats and a goldfish?

No, you wouldn’t.

The world is massive, there are millions of different animals across the planet, all unique, some variations of the other countries equivalent.

What Pokémon have done is given you an authentic, realistic experience – as realistic as a balloon with a marker pen and a microphone can be.

So whilst you’re complaining about the unoriginal ideas, why not think about why you’re actually mad. Can you justify your reasons?

Probably not.

Also think about what you’re doing for others?

Whilst you’re mad that your childhood is gone, you’re ruining it for those who might be experiencing it for the first time, those whose childhood may revolve around this.

Let others have their fun. If you don’t like it, you can go enjoy your generation and be sad. But don’t for a second think you can ruin it for others, because if you really loved it, like you say you love it, you’d just be happy others are feeling what you feel.

– Mikey