So it’s Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate mother’s. Just in case you hadn’t gathered from the name…

Of course that means I am writing a post for and about my own mother.

When Mother met Steve (sorry mum, I like this picture though!)

Mum, Mummy, Mother and Mother Dearest – Just some of the names I have given her. In all honesty, she’s all I’ve ever really had.

Even when I had 2 parents, all I had was my Mum.

I’ve not always treated her the best. I was a little shit when I was younger, running wild (Wild Mikey – Ha) and winding people up. I was also incredibly awkward and weird. Despite this, she had (and still has) my back.

For the longest time, we were quite distant. Almost disallowed from forming a bond. Years past and the useless parent left, allowing us to finally connect. It took a while though.

Teen angst had set in and my mental health had spiralled, thus leading us to come to blows many times. Altercations that I will never stop regretting. Not massively frequent, but that’s not the point.

I took my mum for granted, thought she’d never understand. How could she always be right? Life is so unpredictable, I’ll be fine.

Years later, my mum is one of my best friends. I can, and regularly do talk to her for hours. Even if she’s annoyed by the matter.

Truth is, she did understand. She was always right, and life might be unpredictable, but most of the time Mum knows best.

I’m very lucky to have her, as are my siblings. She’s done a fantastic job of raising us by herself, making sure we were fed, clean, had somewhere to live and sleep, and felt loved.

People often try to debate that their Mum is better than someone else’s Mum. Now I’m not going to say mine is the best, because how can you realistically judge that on a scale? But I will say that she’s bloody brilliant, and none of us ever deserved her.

In closing, I will leave a message to those of you who maybe take your parents for granted, or have fallen out with them. Make amends. Talk it out. Find common ground and at least be civil.

One day I’ll lose my Mum. Not anytime soon, but I will. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again, she’s all I have left. So make the most of what you have, and show them some love back. They deserve it.

Oh and Mum, on the off chance that you’re reading this (I bloody hope so, I actually put effort into this article), thank you. Thank you for always loving me and being there for me. No matter what thoughts you may have deep down, all 3 of us turned out pretty fucking cool. That’s because we had you. I love you very much.

There, see? I publicly said it. How do you like them apples.

Post by Michael Sallabank