The Prophet and The Fox

Hello folks. Today’s post is a bit different and is incredibly personal. I will be talking about two late friends of mine.

Before I continue, I shall be making nothing from these. No monetisation (I don’t anyway), I won’t be tagging anything, no mention of their full names, I won’t overshare and I will be leaving links for helplines and charity donation pages at the bottom.

My reason for talking about these people is purely because they meant a lot to every life they were a part of, especially mine. Things weren’t always sunny, something I’ll have to live with and regret forever, but that doesn’t change how much they shaped my life, and I wanted to share what they were like with the rest of you.

They deserve for the world to know how great they were.

The Prophet

So for 6 years I had the absolute pleasure of knowing Mike, A.K.A. The Prophet. It started one day when I’d just left school in 2013, was lonely, and spent all day on the internet via Nintendo Wii.

I had followed a load of wrestling fan pages, and frequently discussed my opinions in the comments. Of course the most active poster was The Prophet. Never quite understood the choice of name, probably a Basketball reference knowing Mike, but it was apt nonetheless. He was incredibly wise.

One day, Prophet posts a link to his personal Facebook profile. Says fans can feel free to add him. I do, and nothing more happens. Later on in the week I do believe, I posted my thoughts on a storyline and scripted how I thought it should’ve gone. Mike was impressed, and messaged me.

He asked me to join the page Wwe/tna World, the one I’d commented on. He wanted me as an admin, as he thought I was super smart when it came to the business and that people would love my content. However, after being unable to commit to the rules/posting schedule, I declined.

Shortly after he asked me again, this time to join Wrestling Truly Matters. It’s through there I got to meet some of the most amazing people in the world, all who helped shape my future. Chris, Cory, Austin, Dylan, all who are great friends. People I no longer talk to such as Destri, Teresa, Darin, Zack and so many more. I apologise if I forgot anyone.

Really what I’m getting at, is Mike, The Prophet, is one of the main reasons I am who I am today. The reason I’m social, the reason I got more into wrestling, the reason I have friends, even the reason I write my own blog.

He’s one of the most inspirational People I’ve ever known and I will love him eternally for everything he did for me.

Sadly Prophet is no longer with us. Stage 4 Leukemia got the better of him and he left this world early in 2019, at the age of just 20.


He’ll never realise his dream of being in a professional wrestling ring, something that breaks my heart. I’m eternally grateful, regardless of past beef, to TWA. They were a backyard wrestling show, who allowed Mike to wrestle in their ring even a few times. You guys will never understand what that meant to him.

I also missed my opportunity to meet him when I was in America, as we couldn’t stop off in Pennsylvania when we were on the train – we carried on through. We were arranging for all the previous wrestling admins to meet up just before he passed. We wanted to surprise him and say thank you, whilst we still had the chance.

I’ve had the odd comments throughout and since. Why do you care so much about someone you never met? It’s just some dude on the internet right?


Mike was someone I looked up to. We would voice chat, video chat, on and off for the whole 6 years. He was one of my best friends and I’ll never be able to put in to words how grateful I am to have known him. I didn’t talk to him as often as I used to over the last few years, something I regret and maybe always will. I loved him though, like family and I miss him every day…

Here I will leave a UK and US link for Cancer sufferers in need of support. I will also leave a link for each country where you can donate money.

Support UK:

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The Fox

The next person I will talk about is Stevie. Our fox. The reason for choosing fox in this, was because it was her favourite animal.

I do understand that some may not be happy at my choice to write about her. However, she meant the world to me and much like The Prophet, I loved her like family. Nobody can ever change that.

I first met Stevie outside the Jobcentre. I had signed on, accompanied by my then new-ish girlfriend, Becki (who I’m still with 4 years later) and was stood outside. Suddenly a lass on a glorious push bike stops beside us, and starts talking to Becki. She was beautiful, hair tied up, covered in tattoos, in a Ramones vest she’d cut herself, similar to the one I had. This wasn’t a full introduction and soon she was on her way.

A few months later I was welcomed into the fold. Myself, Becki, Barney and Stevie. Also at times Alison, when she was back to visit. We would just sit and talk, drink tea and laugh lots. I don’t remember all of the times I was there, but I know they were some of the happiest times I had.

I would often say daft things that maybe annoyed her and the others, but we had some fantastic conversations and she told some amazing stories. I’ve never learnt so much from one person.

We would disagree on some things, but it was usually when she’d give me advice and I’d do my own thing anyway, then come back to her wishing I’d listened. She was a constant fountain of wisdom and I wished I’d gone to her more often.

Stevie had gone through a lot of hard times. People had hurt her, let her down. Family and ‘friends’ alike. We tried our best to shower her with love and affection, because she deserved it. How could such a kind, beautiful and innocent soul be hurt by so many people? It still upsets us all today.

Eventually Stevie found love, someone to rely on. We’d never seen her happier. We all hung out more often, had dinner together, went out for meals. It was lovely. She seemed to finally be on the right track.

Over the course of 2018, she helped us move house twice. She did so much for us when it came to that, helping us arrange things, clean things, giving us furniture, make us brews. One weekend she came out in the cold, with a jacket on and a flask full of tea, as the heating wasn’t working and it was icy. She sat with me for a while, talking and cleaning.

Stevie would also visit me every week on a Tuesday after work. Most of the time she was already sat inside waiting for me when I got back. It was through talking on an evening that we grew closer, understanding each others brains, realising how similar we were. We already sort of knew that anyway, often she would say “I know because I’ve done/thought that too”.

She also was helping me come to terms with family issues, more notably about my dad. She understood my mindset, and wanted me to have closure.

Unfortunately that’s where things ended for me and The Fox. She was concerned about my closeness to a friend (who I’ve since cut loose), trying her best to protect Becki. No matter the innocence on my part, upon reflection I can now see why the red flags went up. I had no interest in the slightest and it now seems it was the other way round.

Instead of being mature and responsible though, I chose to cut Stevie out of my life for a bit. All I wanted was a small amount of space, because it had hurt. This wasn’t the first time I’d gone away for a bit, and she no longer had patience for me. I don’t blame her.

After some time away, I finally plucked up the courage to ask for forgiveness and talk things over. That however never came to fruition, as that very same week, our beautiful little fox took her own life in the September of 2018.

She was only 25.

I’ll never quite forgive myself for how I acted. It was unnecessary and stupid, I could’ve handled things way better. It’s taken almost a year to calm myself down, although it stings every day. We’ve never loved someone so much. I was unsure if I even had the right to call her friend, although many of those close to her have given me the honour of saying so, as we spent 3 years as friends and only a few months apart.

Suicide is never the right call, but the system had failed her one too many times. As hard as it is to accept, we understand she’s at peace now.

What I learned from her was invaluable. So many life lessons, so many alternative ways of thinking. She was a truly special person and too good for our mortal world. I urge everybody to Google what The Fox represents in Spiritualism. Ironically, she embodies all of those things.

Such a beautiful, kind, funny, caring and helpful person, taken far too soon. Trust me when I say, you all need a Stevie in your lives. You’ll feel much better for it.

Here I will leave some links for UK and US support lines, for those with suicidal thoughts. Always seek help, there is no shame. I will also leave some links on how to donate to these places. Without donations, they can’t save lives.

Support UK:

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Donate UK:

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Never take those you consider family for granted. Cherish every day you have with them, as you may never get another.

Post by Michael Sallabank