Yoga Family

I love yoga. I might’ve mentioned that once or twice… Going to do some yoga at the Freedom Centre heals me. It’s my safe space and allows me to restart my brain for the week ahead.

Relaxing with the yoga family

One of the main reasons I love going, is the people and their energy. I might not talk to all of them, hell some I’ve never even made direct eye contact with, but they all contribute to what makes me feel safe and at peace.

I happen to be sensitive to different energies, due to me being an Empath. Empath’s feel emotions from others, their physical and mental pain, their happiness, their confusion, everything. It’s like an all-seeing eye that you didn’t ask for.

Sometimes it can be exhausting. This is because of miserable people who project their negative energy onto others, whilst absorbing all the positive energy. I always try to help these people which is unfortunately my downfall, as various people have taken advantage of that.

You can also project your energy onto others. Share your positivity and make them feel some sense of comfort and/or happiness, dulling the negative energy that once surrounded them. That part can also be exhausting, but incredibly rewarding.

I had a lot of fun at our Paddleboard yoga day

A lot of people in my yoga class share their positive energy, as I do mine. It’s both refreshing and calming, only adding to the experience each week. We are all there for one common purpose; to release our stresses and to feel free after a manic week. They may not realise it, but they are equally as important to me as any stretch or pose. Without them, it probably wouldn’t be as effective.

I am eternally grateful for this past year of mindfulness. My brain hasn’t exactly been in the best place, but yoga and the people I surround myself with make it just that little bit easier. I would highly recommend it to all, especially those going through hardships. It’s absolutely a journey worth taking.

For anyone at yoga who may want to talk, feel free to approach me. I’d love to converse with you all, I’m just a little anxious and I don’t do people things very well. If you’re not a yoga regular and are in the Hull area, give some thought to joining this class. I promise you won’t regret it.

The yoga family

Post by Michael Sallabank