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Press Event: Trinity Live 19/09/2019

The other day I tried something new – I went to a press event. I figured I’d take on the challenge to see how I’d fare in the wide world of media. Despite leaving early due to a dead phone battery and sensory difficulties, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I went.

So what was it for?

Good question, I’ll tell you. Over the past few months, Trinity Marketplace in Hull has been the home of “Trinity Live” and showcasing a wide variety of local bands/solo acts.

Starting on the 9th May 2019, Trinity Live was dubbed an “appetiser” for Humber Street Sesh, the annual summer music special. After this, they were supposed to end. The event (Trinity Live) has been presented as a free event, every Thursday from 6:00pm until late in the evening, with various food and drink vendors staying open to assist.

What went down?

Okay so the first thing that happened was I got to meet some of the HEY Bloggers crew, Jenny and Emma. The reason I attended this event was due to their email informing me of the details. If you’re a budding blogger, I’d suggest going and subscribing to their mailing list/following their Instagram.

From there we got free drinks vouchers for Vittles & Company, Hull’s smallest brewery. These were valid for up to a fiver, but being alcohol free (edgy I know), I used it for some lemon San Pellegrino. I’m normally uncomfortable around bars, but the staff here were lovely and made me feel welcome.

Next we went up to sample some free food. I tried a seeded sausage roll of sorts. It’s one of the most unusually textured yet beautiful things I’ve ever tried in my life. I definitely want more…

Not long after this the music was set up and ready to go. I hooked up my Samson Meteor microphone (for the first time properly) and got ready to record some content. There was a brief introduction, followed by the band Priestgate. They were a peculiar band, with an interesting sound.

The frontman was wild, bouncing around the stage like a monkey on a acid. Odd at first, but as you start to see how into the music he is, it sucks you in, making you feel the music too. Really great band. I think the star of the show was the drummer, with some of the best drumming I’ve heard in a long time.

In terms of musical similarities, I personally (although some have since disagreed) feel they’re like Gang of Youths or The Doors (especially the live aspect). Some have even heard a hint of The Libertines which I can maybe see. What I’m getting at here anyway, is you should go listen to Priestgate.

After the live music I went to Il Leggendario, Alessandro’s Pizza for a lovely ham and mushroom pizza. I’ve been going there since school and they are always magnifico!

Now I don’t want to discredit the other bands, they were great. However, it’s here my phone died and I started to struggle a little more sensory wise, so I left.

What about the announcement?

Although I was no longer there, I am familiar with what went down afterwards. We got confirmation that the events will in fact be continuing until Christmas! This is great for the city and all the local bands, as Trinity Live has become a favourite amongst many. Now we get even more chance to see homegrown talent be showcased across the city and beyond.

I very much enjoyed the time I was at Trinity Live for this event. The atmosphere was great, the food and drinks were great, it was genuinely lovely. So many faces, all gathered around in unison having a good time near the end of a long week. There’s nothing quite like it, it was special. I will definitely come to more in the future!

A huge thank you to Trinity Live, Trinity Marketplace, HEY Bloggers, Vittles & Company, Alessandro and anyone else I’ve missed for a good night.

Post by Michael Sallabank