The Importance of Hope During COVID-19

If you haven’t heard about COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus as it’s more widely known) by now, you must be living under a rather large rock. It’s taken the world by storm, with 24/7 media coverage and Governments banning people from stepping outside their homes, unless absolutely necessary.

After such a tiring 2019, we were hoping for a resurgence of the Roaring 20’s, at least the good parts like the fashion and the dancing. Instead, what we got was a 21st Century Global Epidemic, resulting in thousands of deaths.

Records of Global Virus Epidemics date back to the 15th Century, at least from my source of Wikipedia. I know, such a credible source. Through each of the 20’s, the world has seen around 19 different Epidemics.

Whilst the numbers sound scary and the world is going through an incredibly difficult time, one thing to take note of is that none of those lasted forever. They all went away, people lived through them. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be here would we?

We also live in a world of advanced technology and medicine, with the top brains all banding together to find a possible solution to this new problem.

Of course we’re all worried about the world around us. We’re stressed because our routines changed. We all dearly miss our loved ones who are also in isolation or have passed on. The reality is though, these feelings are sort of a good thing.

In our world, we all take things for granted. Sometimes small, sometimes large, there’s always something that goes unappreciated. Here’s some examples of things I’ve seen people wishing they respected more;

  • Families
  • Friends
  • Emergency Services
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare
  • Retail workers
  • Food workers
  • Teachers
  • Airport staff
  • Security
  • Jobs
  • Mental Health
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Charities

There are so many more examples, but you get the idea. The key thing we miss, more than anything, is human connection.

The ability to look at somebody’s face, their eyes, their hair, all in person and not just on a screen. Hearing people’s voices and laughter with your own ears rather over the phone. The sound of nature, the feeling of sunlight on your skin.

After this we’ll all come out humbled and rightfully so. We’ve been given a gift, of life and freedom. We don’t know why we’re here, we don’t know what we’re meant to do, but we can’t just waste what we’ve been given.

So when all this is over, let’s all talk more, hug more, kiss more. See friends and family when you can, always show respect to those providing you a service, never waste a moment of your life.

Sure we’re still in depressing times and it’s okay to be sad about it. You’re allowed to cry and so what if you eat rubbish and don’t shower. That’s all okay, but don’t let it be all you feel.

Not to undermine the situation of course, it should be taken very, very seriously, however we can still be careful without having to worry. We can still look at the positives instead of waiting for the world to end.

Better days are coming, we should be excited. We get to live life the way we want to, free from this disaster with a whole new perspective.

Hope is a strong emotion, it can keep you together in even the darkest of times. At times it may feel like all hope is lost, but it’s not, it always finds a way. You may not see it now, but things always work out one way or another.

I urge you all to please, stay safe, wash your hands, stay inside and of course, remain hopeful. Show love and support to others where you can and encourage them to remain hopeful too. We will get through this, I promise.

– Mikey