A Purpose For My Platform

I’m my own biggest critic. I’d like to say for those know me that’s pretty obvious, but really I think even the most distant stranger could see that.

I’m often very hard on myself when it comes to my blog, wondering if what I’m doing is worth it, if I should continue. There’s certain things I’d like to achieve, things that maybe can’t work on Tea Time With Mikey… Or can they?

See when I first started as A Wild Mikey Appeared back in 2016, the goal was simple. Write anything and everything that came to mind, build a portfolio and then try working my way into a career with a major media company.

Since then a lot has changed, most of it being documented on this very brand. Changing to Tea Time With Mikey was supposed to be a new lease on life, an opportunity to grow and become a well known blogger. What has happened in the time since then, can only be described as less than fortunate.

Unexpected loss, friendships gone away, unnecessary drama and a world crisis. Needless to say, my mental health hasn’t exactly been in the best of states. As I often say when I write these, it can leave me in a frame of mind where I’m just too exhausted to write.

Feeling as though the attempt at a rebrand was tainted, I considered yet another change. A new name, new ideas, a fresh start. Whilst that sounds all well and good, it doesn’t solve anything does it? Changing my entire identity won’t change who I really am. It’s the person behind the name, that makes the name.

So lately there has been a fire lit within me. I desire to start anew with the same brand and same name. I feel like I have a purpose. Gone are the days of writing for the sake of writing. I’m challenging myself, with new things to write and new goals to achieve.

The one thing I’ve been debating over and over again is, “Can I interview all kinds of people, whilst still blogging about my life?” I even considered starting a new website. The answer to my own question is yes, I can.

I can blog about my life, I can blog about my thoughts and I can interview people in-between. Am I covering too much ground? Possibly. Do I care? Absolutely not.

People like myself, the Bloggers, the Instagramers, the Tweeters; we’re ‘influencers’. We should be inspiring our own generation, the generation to come and the generation that was. I’m not going to post make-up selfies and get my boobs out, but I am going to make sure you don’t feel alone and have a like-minded individual you can relate to.

I may be my own biggest critic, I may judge my every action, but I know for certain that this is the one thing I’m good at. I take pride in looking out for others and doing my best to inspire. So that is what Tea Time With Mikey shall become.

A platform for inspiration.

So the blog posts will continue and hopefully providing lessons. The thoughts will continue and hopefully start discussions. Lastly the interviews will continue and provide a platform to those who don’t have it, showing others that their dreams are possible, no matter what they want to achieve.

There’ll be new content too. I’m very optimistic about this. You’ll have to bare with as I get used to posting new things and usher in a new positive mental attitude. There may be times where I need a week away or admittedly just forget, but I do want to make a good go of this.

Thanks once again for sticking with me and hopefully I’ll see you all soon.

Post by Michael Sallabank