Returning To Work

On the 3rd of August 2020, I returned to work. I had been furloughed for 3 months prior to that and my return to a regular schedule was about to begin.

I was nervous, concerned, but also relieved and excited. I’d had fun playing DCUO with my friends, but something was missing. I needed to go back, to regain control of my life and earn a steady income.

I missed my colleagues, I missed doing my job, things I thought I would be fine without. Finally, I was back where I could thrive creatively and get on with my life.

Hitting Reset

It took a while to find my footing again. Everything was fairly new to me as it was when I started, though I picked it up quickly again and got stuck in. A part of me felt I had to play catch up with my team, needing to showcase that I was brought back for a reason.

Getting competitive, I thrust myself into many articles for our websites. Clocking in at 10,000+ words in 5 working days, I felt better than ever. After my first week or so in, the excuses were no more and I had to prove I could keep up.

The atmosphere around the office felt different too. There seemed to be a real sense of gratitude that they all had their lives back, which I fully understand. We all have days where we complain about our jobs, but lockdown showed how important these jobs are to our lives.

A Change of Scenery

A couple of weeks into being back and we were moved to a new office. Not the whole company, just us in the marketing team. It was daunting at first, as I’m funny with new things, but we all settled in well.

It’s more spacious, more comfortable, not as warm and closer to my home. I’m saving £60 a month in travel fees because I’m not having to go as far. We are all able to communicate better now as well, no longer talking via zoom. This new office has made for a better team experience.

Why I Missed My Job

I like stability, routine and structure. Everything I have and I am, I would rather earn than be given. I may have days where I wonder where my life is headed, I may have days where I feel down, but having a job gives me a purpose and allows me to live my life.

By no means is it the career path I thought I would take. I had imagined that by now I’d be the lead singer of a pop-punk band, touring the world and dancing on stage with a 6-pack on show.

Life is strange though and here I am 3 years into a career as a marketer. Who would’ve thought that would happen? Certainly not me. I’ve come a long way though and I’m grateful for every life lesson and skill I’ve learnt.

Post by Michael Sallabank