My Yoga High – I’m Home

My mental health has ways been a concern, but the one constant relief for the past 2 years now, has been yoga. I’d never envisioned myself being at one with my mind, body and spirit, yet here we are.

This year has been a nightmare so far and though life seems to be getting back to normal now, it’s not over yet. We’re all still lonely, depressed and anxious. Those who never had mental health issues, have developed them. Those who had them already, have them worse.

Due to the circumstances of the global pandemic, yoga had to be changed. At first it was via zoom, but I had no room in my flat to do it. I tried doing a YouTube class to see if I could make my space work, but I couldn’t.

I’ve no idea if classes went on after that, but what I do know is I had to endure months without it. Relationship woes, almost losing my job and more. At times when I needed it, yoga wasn’t there.

Then came an offer for a class of sorts. Yoga on a paddle board, with a few people distanced away from each other. It was amazing, but I still wanted more.

Fast forward to last week and I was able to attend my first proper class back since before lockdown. I was thoroughly stretched out (and incredibly sore because of it), and at peace with myself.

At the end, whilst we were relaxing and finishing the practice, I cried. Not a lot, but it felt good. I hadn’t realised just how much I missed both yoga and my yoga family. The energy was unreal.

In the days since, I’ve felt pretty great mentally, still riding the yoga high. I’m in a good mood and ready for my life to slowly get back to normal. I’m very grateful for having yoga in my life once again. It is without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m glad to be home.

Post by Michael Sallabank