Give Out, To Help Out – My Charity Contest

Something a little different here, more of an announcement than anything. Considering the subject of which will be spoken of however, it is worth dedicating it’s own space to.

This year has been tough hasn’t it? It’s made you realise what’s important in life, what you should do less of and what you should do more of.

A few weeks ago I saw a Jacksepticeye video in my recommended on YouTube. It was about donating to smaller streamers. The video was wholesome and really laid emphasis on the aspect of giving back. So I started to think, how can I give back?

I thought back to earlier in the year, where I worked out how much of my wages I have spare after bills and taxes. I’m certainly not loaded, but I have enough to live comfortably. Enough that I can happily commit to giving some away each month.

So then I thought more. How can I get others involved? People who want to give back and can’t, how can they feel a part of something? Then the idea hit me.

Charity Photography Contest.

At the start of every month I will put up a theme on my Instagram feed and stories. Everyone has one entry for submission and there isn’t a limit to how many people can join in.

Direct Message me your image and I will put it to one side. At the end of that day, I will pull them all together I to a round of knock outs in my stories. Eventually we will be left with just two.

Once the winning image has been chosen, I will message the winner with a list of UK Charities of which I am happy to donate to (and have a means of online donation). From there I will donate £50 to the chosen charity, on behalf of the winner.

In my eyes, this is the right way to give back. It puts charity on a social platform to bring awareness, it gets people engaged at a time when they need it, and I get to put my spare money to good use, when really I don’t need all of it.

I’m also giving it directly to the source, as opposed to someone in the street or buying sponsored merch from a retail giant. No tax, no funny business, a straight £50 to a deserving charity.

I have dubbed this project, Give Out, To Help Out, in what may be considered a petty but ultimately justified jab at the UK Government, who this year voted to allow kids to go hungry. A charity that covers helping these kids will be included, as well as some others that are both national (across the UK) and local to where I live.

You can find my charity list here.

This project makes me both nervous and excited. I look forward to seeing what everyone sends in!

Post by Michael Sallabank