Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Hello readers, I’m back with another one of these list posts. This time I’m taking a look at places I’ve been for a holiday, even if only brief.

To qualify, I have to have stayed over for at least a few days, so no overnight stays. Have I even been to that many places? We’ll find out.

10. Ulverston (The Lake District)

I can’t remember how long we were there or if we even stayed over, but I needed something to make up the numbers anyway. That place was just terrible.

There was a Laurel and Hardy museum though as one of them was from there. Was fun for about 30 seconds. Don’t go.

9. Filey

Not much more fun than Ulverston really. I two wheeled a go-kart, played guitar hero in an arcade, looked over a cliff edge for about 10 seconds and then listened to a bad Alice Cooper tribute or something.

The best part was a day trip into Scarborough. Just go there instead, way better.

8. Butlins (Ingoldmells)

That gif demonstrates how I felt by the end of it. At least there was more to do here, even if I was limited by being a child.

It’s basically just Fantasy Island for people who think they’re too good for it.

7. Haven (Mablethorpe)

We’re having fun in the tiger club, t-t-t-tiger club.

Are we?

It wasn’t all bad. More fond memories here than most places from my childhood. The on site activities and those are Mablethorpe are some I probably wouldn’t mind experiencing again, if it’s still open.

6. Fantasy Island (Ingoldmells)

From great rides, to market stalls, a good beach, arcades and entertainment (Jellykins excluded), Fantasy Island is a wonderful place to go on holiday.

Sure it’s grimey and old, smelly and full of people on benefits, but beyond that is a charm. Definitely a place I want to go back to.

5. New York

You know, New York is a beautiful place. There were great sights to see, the wonderful zoo, the ferry from Spiderman (though I did feel sick).

I went to visit the 9/11 memorial, went up the Empire State building, shopped in the Nintendo store and experienced the Olive Garden (big love to Virgil – if you know, you know).

One of my favourite parts was getting to see the Hard Rock Café, formerly the WWF New York headquarters.

Despite the good moments, it was busy, hectic and I saw a dude with a pistol in his trackies. I’m probably never going again.

4. Cornwall

I visited Cornwall quite a lot in the space of 2 and a half years. Only initially going because my ex lived there, it became an opportunity to see the sights.

We went to Mousehole at Christmas, Penzance, St. Michael’s Mount, Redruth cinema, Truro and more. Despite how things were in my relationship, I still have fond memories of that place.

One of my fondest memories was taking too many samples from a wine tasting and wobbling around a national heritage site. I also did not (I promise…) climb inside the chest in one of the museum rooms…

Definitely somewhere I would like to visit again.

3. Washington DC

It was warm and busy, but DC was perfect. Museums galore, rich history, great shopping. It was here that my love for Walgreens was born.

We got to see the Smithsonian for Native American History, the one for Air and Space and the Capitol building.

The most memorable moments happened in and around the latter, where I saw a random plaque for the director of the Wonder Woman movie, and then experienced a full rainstorm that was so warm, I could still walk in my shorts.

One day I’ll go back, I love it there.

2. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Though I only spent the day there, I had 2 overnight experiences on the ferry, so it counts…

Most people go there for 3 reasons… Weed, booze and boobs. I for one, did none of those and was actually quite excited to see what the culture was like.

The ferry experience was fun, getting to see The Dunwells, Scouting For Girls and Lucy Spraggan perform, but Amsterdam itself is where I had the most fun.

Going shopping (their charity shops are great), eating food, buying tea (of course) and finding a comic shop down China town, were what I wanted to experience.

By proxy I visited the “district”, but only to reach the comic shop which was on the other side. It was an experience…

I would love to go back and spend more time there.

1. Boston (Massachusetts)

Yes I know Cena is from West Newbury, but it was either that or a Boston Bruins gif and we all know I’m not doing that.

Boston is my favourite place on earth. Open space, comic shops, theaters, easy access convenience stores, chill vibes and a fantastic shopping centre.

At the top of all that was my favourite experience of any holiday I’ve had. The Boston Tea Party museum. What a great time and where my love for tea went into overdrive, becoming what it is today.

If I had no family, friends or commitment here, I would move there. Genuinely.

So that was my list. What we’ve learned here is I need more holidays in new places. I hope you enjoyed this list and let me know what you think on my socials.

Post by Michael Sallabank