How Gaming Helps With Mental Health

If you've kept up with me over the years, you'll be familiar with my love for video games. I mentioned it briefly towards the end of My Interests & How I Dive Headfirst Into Them, as well as an in-depth look at My Year As Brother Lucian, playing DCUO throughout 2020. I'm not shy on… Continue reading How Gaming Helps With Mental Health


My Interests & How I Dive Head First Into Them

Hello again readers. Today I am back with you to discuss something a little lighter. It's not a struggle with my mental health, about my crushing health anxiety or traumatic past. No, this time I'm here to talk about things I like, and how I can get a bit wild when I like something a… Continue reading My Interests & How I Dive Head First Into Them


Health Anxiety: One Year After Opening Up

One year ago, I wrote a blog post all about Health Anxiety. I opened up, let out how it makes me feel, what it's like to live with it. Being able to say it, letting people see a real side of me, truly felt great. It stayed that way for quite a while, until it… Continue reading Health Anxiety: One Year After Opening Up


2020: A Year in Review

This is coming out a little later than expected, but it's better late than never. Initially I had planned a follow up to my music post, with this one documenting the Top 10 Songs I discovered in 2020, however after mental health issues plaguing my ability to get anything done, I decided to just scrap… Continue reading 2020: A Year in Review

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Top 10 2020 Song Releases

Well hello again readers, it's been a while hasn't it? 2020 has been a rocky year with many ups and downs, something you'll be able to read about in due course. One constant that has gotten me through almost every hardship however, is music. I dare say music has saved my life more times than… Continue reading Top 10 2020 Song Releases


Give Out, To Help Out – My Charity Contest

Something a little different here, more of an announcement than anything. Considering the subject of which will be spoken of however, it is worth dedicating it's own space to. This year has been tough hasn't it? It's made you realise what's important in life, what you should do less of and what you should do… Continue reading Give Out, To Help Out – My Charity Contest


My Yoga High – I’m Home

My mental health has ways been a concern, but the one constant relief for the past 2 years now, has been yoga. I'd never envisioned myself being at one with my mind, body and spirit, yet here we are. This year has been a nightmare so far and though life seems to be getting back… Continue reading My Yoga High – I’m Home


Hull Marina and The Deep

Depression and anxiety are hard to overcome. When you're in a rough spot, you will often try anything you can to make it go away. Be that talking to someone, distracting yourself with another task or the less recommended drink to forget strategy. In truth, sometimes all we need is to find our "happy place",… Continue reading Hull Marina and The Deep