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Top 10 2020 Song Releases

Well hello again readers, it's been a while hasn't it? 2020 has been a rocky year with many ups and downs, something you'll be able to read about in due course. One constant that has gotten me through almost every hardship however, is music. I dare say music has saved my life more times than… Continue reading Top 10 2020 Song Releases

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Antisocial Media

I'm on social media all the time. Most of the day for work, most of the evening for myself. We all do it and it surrounds our lives. The unfortunate reality is that so much of the world we live in revolves around social media. We almost feel out of the loop if we don't… Continue reading Antisocial Media

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The Importance of Hope During COVID-19

If you haven't heard about COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus as it's more widely known) by now, you must be living under a rather large rock. It's taken the world by storm, with 24/7 media coverage and Governments banning people from stepping outside their homes, unless absolutely necessary. After such a tiring 2019, we were hoping… Continue reading The Importance of Hope During COVID-19

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Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018

Rather unusual I know. Normally you get a list of songs from the year itself, although I'm not quite normal... So here is a quick fun one; My Top 10 list of songs I found this year, even if one of them is from the 90s... (I've included the videos. Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals...)… Continue reading Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018

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Welcome To My Kingdom: A Few Notes

Tonight I saw Grace Davies perform live for the first time. After seeing Grace hype it up all week on Twitter, I couldn't help but buy a ticket. I spent the whole day excited, ready for her sold out show and at 8pm, it started. She greeted everyone with a fantastic cover of Hello by… Continue reading Welcome To My Kingdom: A Few Notes

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Janet Devlin: A Special Kind of Musician

Hands up if you're an X-Factor fan! You're not? Neither am I to be perfectly honest. It's about as real as the wrestling I watch every week, on WhatCulture Wrestling (cheap plug). But if you are a fan or like me, one day walked past the living room and had a nosey, chances are you… Continue reading Janet Devlin: A Special Kind of Musician