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Top 10 2020 Song Releases

Well hello again readers, it's been a while hasn't it? 2020 has been a rocky year with many ups and downs, something you'll be able to read about in due course. One constant that has gotten me through almost every hardship however, is music. I dare say music has saved my life more times than… Continue reading Top 10 2020 Song Releases

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Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018

Rather unusual I know. Normally you get a list of songs from the year itself, although I'm not quite normal... So here is a quick fun one; My Top 10 list of songs I found this year, even if one of them is from the 90s... (I've included the videos. Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals...)… Continue reading Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018

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Welcome To My Kingdom: A Few Notes

Tonight I saw Grace Davies perform live for the first time. After seeing Grace hype it up all week on Twitter, I couldn't help but buy a ticket. I spent the whole day excited, ready for her sold out show and at 8pm, it started. She greeted everyone with a fantastic cover of Hello by… Continue reading Welcome To My Kingdom: A Few Notes

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Janet Devlin: A Special Kind of Musician

Hands up if you're an X-Factor fan! You're not? Neither am I to be perfectly honest. It's about as real as the wrestling I watch every week, on WhatCulture Wrestling (cheap plug). But if you are a fan or like me, one day walked past the living room and had a nosey, chances are you… Continue reading Janet Devlin: A Special Kind of Musician