How Gaming Helps With Mental Health

If you've kept up with me over the years, you'll be familiar with my love for video games. I mentioned it briefly towards the end of My Interests & How I Dive Headfirst Into Them, as well as an in-depth look at My Year As Brother Lucian, playing DCUO throughout 2020. I'm not shy on… Continue reading How Gaming Helps With Mental Health


Health Anxiety: One Year After Opening Up

One year ago, I wrote a blog post all about Health Anxiety. I opened up, let out how it makes me feel, what it's like to live with it. Being able to say it, letting people see a real side of me, truly felt great. It stayed that way for quite a while, until it… Continue reading Health Anxiety: One Year After Opening Up


2020: A Year in Review

This is coming out a little later than expected, but it's better late than never. Initially I had planned a follow up to my music post, with this one documenting the Top 10 Songs I discovered in 2020, however after mental health issues plaguing my ability to get anything done, I decided to just scrap… Continue reading 2020: A Year in Review


My Yoga High – I’m Home

My mental health has ways been a concern, but the one constant relief for the past 2 years now, has been yoga. I'd never envisioned myself being at one with my mind, body and spirit, yet here we are. This year has been a nightmare so far and though life seems to be getting back… Continue reading My Yoga High – I’m Home


Heartache and Hiding

Hello readers, it's been a while. Not going to lie, as I'm writing I feel a little nervous. Am I able to eloquently string together a sentence like days of old? Will people even care at this point after being on and off for 4 years? These questions are even some of the things that… Continue reading Heartache and Hiding


Mental Health and Yoga: Follow Up

Why hello again, I'm actually writing an article! I do apologise for the lack of content lately, the winter period is always incredibly busy - especially where I work. Not in terms of customers, but the behind the scenes jobs. It's my first year there, so I didn't expect it to be quite like this… Continue reading Mental Health and Yoga: Follow Up


Mental Health and Yoga

Hello readers, an impromptu, rather short post here. If you haven't guessed by the title, I've been doing a little bit of Yoga lately. Now I've only had 2 sessions, but I've had lots of fun and I want to continue doing it. I don't know all the proper terminology, but the stretches and positions… Continue reading Mental Health and Yoga


Running Towards Happiness – Interview with Vicky Whiting

In this interview, we discuss mental health, body image, and finding the motivation to achieve your goals. Featuring somewhat of a regular here on the blog, Vicky Whiting A.K.A. The Girl on The Spectrum. Vicky - A.K.A. The Girl on The Spectrum So a quick recap, since we last spoke, how has your mental health… Continue reading Running Towards Happiness – Interview with Vicky Whiting