Heartache and Hiding

Hello readers, it's been a while. Not going to lie, as I'm writing I feel a little nervous. Am I able to eloquently string together a sentence like days of old? Will people even care at this point after being on and off for 4 years? These questions are even some of the things that… Continue reading Heartache and Hiding

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Interview with Hull’s New Geek Store: Bad Wolf Gaming

The Guys from Bad Wolf Talk Community, Taxes and Their Favourite Dog Breeds In recent months, Hull's crumbling Whitefriargate got a new lease of life with upstart geek shop Bad Wolf Gaming. Ran by Ash Tyson and James Wilson, the shop aims to revitalise the high street and bring a new sense of belonging to… Continue reading Interview with Hull’s New Geek Store: Bad Wolf Gaming

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Press Event: Trinity Live 19/09/2019

The other day I tried something new - I went to a press event. I figured I'd take on the challenge to see how I'd fare in the wide world of media. Despite leaving early due to a dead phone battery and sensory difficulties, it was a lot of fun and I'm glad I went.… Continue reading Press Event: Trinity Live 19/09/2019


My Tea Collection – 23rd April 2019

A nice and easy one for you guys, here. It is known to some, that I am a tea fanatic. At work they call me a tea connoisseur, due to my knowledge on certain teas (despite that one time I got loads wrong, because I'd read the wrong thing). Tea for me is amazing. It's… Continue reading My Tea Collection – 23rd April 2019


Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018

Rather unusual I know. Normally you get a list of songs from the year itself, although I'm not quite normal... So here is a quick fun one; My Top 10 list of songs I found this year, even if one of them is from the 90s... (I've included the videos. Merry Christmas ya' filthy animals...)… Continue reading Top 10 Songs I Found in 2018


Mental Health and Yoga: Follow Up

Why hello again, I'm actually writing an article! I do apologise for the lack of content lately, the winter period is always incredibly busy - especially where I work. Not in terms of customers, but the behind the scenes jobs. It's my first year there, so I didn't expect it to be quite like this… Continue reading Mental Health and Yoga: Follow Up