2020: A Year in Review

This is coming out a little later than expected, but it's better late than never. Initially I had planned a follow up to my music post, with this one documenting the Top 10 Songs I discovered in 2020, however after mental health issues plaguing my ability to get anything done, I decided to just scrap… Continue reading 2020: A Year in Review

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Antisocial Media

I'm on social media all the time. Most of the day for work, most of the evening for myself. We all do it and it surrounds our lives. The unfortunate reality is that so much of the world we live in revolves around social media. We almost feel out of the loop if we don't… Continue reading Antisocial Media


Getting To Know Mikey

The streets are empty, COVID-19 is running rampant on the world and Mikey is actually writing an article. The world's gone mad hasn't it? In truth this was something ideally I should've done years ago. When I started, I decided to just roll with it. Starting with a post about Janet Devlin and following up… Continue reading Getting To Know Mikey

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The Importance of Hope During COVID-19

If you haven't heard about COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus as it's more widely known) by now, you must be living under a rather large rock. It's taken the world by storm, with 24/7 media coverage and Governments banning people from stepping outside their homes, unless absolutely necessary. After such a tiring 2019, we were hoping… Continue reading The Importance of Hope During COVID-19



I'm a bit late to the party, Thanksgiving has already happened. To be honest, I was never invited to the party in the first place. I'm from England, we don't celebrate it over here. Closest I got to celebrations, was celebrating my love for tea. How very "British" of me! My reasoning for this post… Continue reading Thankful


Mental Health and Yoga

Hello readers, an impromptu, rather short post here. If you haven't guessed by the title, I've been doing a little bit of Yoga lately. Now I've only had 2 sessions, but I've had lots of fun and I want to continue doing it. I don't know all the proper terminology, but the stretches and positions… Continue reading Mental Health and Yoga


Running Towards Happiness – Interview with Vicky Whiting

In this interview, we discuss mental health, body image, and finding the motivation to achieve your goals. Featuring somewhat of a regular here on the blog, Vicky Whiting A.K.A. The Girl on The Spectrum. Vicky - A.K.A. The Girl on The Spectrum So a quick recap, since we last spoke, how has your mental health… Continue reading Running Towards Happiness – Interview with Vicky Whiting