Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Hello readers, I'm back with another one of these list posts. This time I'm taking a look at places I've been for a holiday, even if only brief. To qualify, I have to have stayed over for at least a few days, so no overnight stays. Have I even been to that many places? We'll… Continue reading Top 10 Holiday Destinations


Top 10 Movies I’d Recommend Watching

Hello readers, me again. I was looking back through my older posts the other day and stumbled across the yearly Top 10 Songs posts and a list of teas I owned in 2019. To give myself a break from fully fledged blog writing all the time and to try something new, I thought it would… Continue reading Top 10 Movies I’d Recommend Watching


My Interests & How I Dive Head First Into Them

Hello again readers. Today I am back with you to discuss something a little lighter. It's not a struggle with my mental health, about my crushing health anxiety or traumatic past. No, this time I'm here to talk about things I like, and how I can get a bit wild when I like something a… Continue reading My Interests & How I Dive Head First Into Them